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If you are a new customer, please take the time to fill out our online registration form. If you are an existing customer, feel free to book your reservation through our online platform.


  • All dogs must be evaluated before staying at the Inn.  Please call (805) 586-4390 to arrange an appointment.
  • Hard copy of vaccinations which must be current.  We require proof of Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella.  BORDETELLA IS REQUIRED EVERY 6 MONTHS.
  • We will accept blood titers as proof of immunity for some of the above diseases.
  • Flea and tick free which must be done every 4 weeks.  If the due date falls within your dog’s stay, bring us a vial or a pill and we will administer it on the correct date at no charge. We also carry a highly effective flea and tick product that we can use in the event your dog arrives untreated.
  • Due to insurance requirements we cannot board Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Mastiff type breeds, German Shepherds and Chows.
  • Please bring your dog’s regular pet food as we want to minimize digestive upset.
  • Completed online registration form.
  • A signed release (see below) so that we can obtain emergency care for your dog should it be necessary.  We will make every attempt to contact you if possible.
  • If your dog is older than 9 or has a serious chronic illness, please fill out our Senior & Infirm Dog questionnaire. 


Please download, fill out and sign the necessary forms below.