Training services

Our team at Laughing Dog Inn is pleased to offer a range of dog training classes which are held by professional trainers and designed by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. All of our programs can be held in-home, at a time that is convenient for you and your pet.


Day school – $50/session   Why not let us teach your dog some new skills while at the inn? Your pup will spend 30 minutes/day with our owner/trainer cues like automatic sit, loose leash walking, reliable stay/go to your place, focus cues and hand targeting…you choose! We will meet together when you pick him up so trainer can “teach” you! Handouts will also be provided.

Home school – $125   Do you need specific behavior issues addressed or are more comfortable in your own space? We will set up a convenient time to meet you and your dog and tailor the sessions to meet your individual needs.

Dog Training Classes to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Take a look at some of the different programs we have on offer:

Basic, Private Dog Training

This program is designed to take place in the privacy of your home. It involves a consultation and interactive training which you take active part in as the owner.

Intensive Dog Training

If you believe your dog needs intensive training, we also have an option that involves full-service boarding and training for your dog, as well as a class teaching owners what their dog has learned.

Training Tips

If you are a new dog owner concerned about how to keep your dog happy and healthy, take a look at the following tips:


Exercise is one of the key ways of keeping your dog healthy throughout his/her life. All dogs love to spend time outdoors -- not only do they get to walk/run about and use up that pent-up energy, but they also get to interact with new people and experience new smells. Making sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise is key to making him/her happy.

Mental Stimulation

Whether you have a special breed of dog or a mixed breed pet with no pedigree, your dog is  instinctively in need of stimulation. In order to fulfill that need, it is important to keep your dog mentally active in order to stay happy.

Personal Interaction

Personal Interaction with your dog is very important. Because we don’t speak the same language, creating your own shared language helps your dog know what you’re asking.

At Home Training

Are you looking for an effective way to curb your dog’s problematic behavior? Have you had limited success with training classes? If so, our in-home dog training program might be an excellent choice for you and your furry friend.

At Laughing Dog Inn, we are aware your dog’s problematic behavior isn’t limited to an isolated environment such as a training class - it happens in and around your home. Because of this, we believe the best solution for your dog’s problems is our customized in-home training, which will provide you with practical solutions for your dog’s troublesome behavior. By working training into your daily routine, we’ll make sure this is a pleasurable part of your day rather than a chore that makes you grow even more distant from your pet.

In-home dog training schedule is very flexible and we would be happy to adapt to find a convenient time to meet. For instance, if weekly sessions work, we’ll set aside time to meet in your home or if we are adding distractions to reach the next level of training, we would be more than happy to meet at a public place like a park.

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