Planning a vacation a long way from home and worried that you won’t be able to bring your furry best friend along? The thought of leaving their pet with a stranger gives many owners an uneasy feeling. If you are looking for a way to make sure your pet is safe and happy while you’re away, look no further than the Laughing Dog Inn boarding services.

At Laughing Dog Inn, we completely understand why you might be nervous about leaving your pet in foreign surroundings with a number of strange dogs. As a result, we are committed to providing your dog with a loving environment where your pet will receive the best care possible while you are away. Whether you are planning a short getaway or a longer trip, we have a range of options that are sure to make your pet happy and give you peace of mind while you’re away.

One of the options that we offer is the full boarding experience which will allow your dog to stay in our fully-equipped facility with specialized care for every dog’s individual needs. The other option we offer is doggie day care -- if your dog does not need sleepover care, we would be happy to provide them with a full day of daycare and return them to your home where they will sleep in their own bed. Take a look at some of the services that we offer as part of the daycare package:

Holiday Pet Care

We know there are a million things to think about when your dog is staying at a boarding facility, especially while you are located hundreds or thousands of miles away. In order to make sure that your dog’s stay is as safe as possible, we require certain essentials from all of our clients. Take a look at the following things that will be required of all pet parents that we work with:

  • Your dog’s food (clearly separated into meal-size portions that are labelled and ready for feeding each day)

  • Your dog’s medication (if any) as well as any instructions for administration

  • All dogs must be up-to-date with bordatella, rabies, and Dhpp vaccines as well as monthly flea treatment

Pet Care During the Holidays

There is a wide range of services that we are happy to offer in addition to the basic boarding and day care packages. For instance, if you think that your dog would benefit from a spa treatment or a training session or two, we would be happy to provide them with these additional activities to make them feel extra special. Take a look at the types of spa treatment on offer at Laughing Dog Inn:

  • Nails

Your dog’s nails are a very important and sensitive part of their body. Regular walks on the city asphalt will make your dog’s nails hard and rough, so treating them to a nail spa day is always a good idea.

  • Deluxe Spa

If your dog has been extra good, they might appreciate a deluxe spa treatment. This treatment starts with a bath and involves a blow dry, nail treatment, ear cleaning as well as an anal gland cleaning.  It’s wonderful to come home to a clean, sweet smelling dog!

If you are leaving town and are looking for the best possible option for your loving dog, rest assured that Laughing Dog Inn has a number of options to suit you.. Feel free to contact one of the members of our team for a quick overview of the options that we have to offer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at 805-586-4390 for more information!