Dog Training At Home in Camarillo CA


Dog Training At Home in Camarillo CA

Are you looking for an effective way to curb your dog’s problematic behavior? Have you had limited success with training classes? If so, our in-home dog training program might be an excellent choice for you and your furry friend.

At Laughing Dog Inn, we are aware that your dog’s problematic behavior isn’t limited to an isolated environment such as a training class -- it happens in and around your home. Because of this, we believe that the best solution for your dog’s problems is our customized in-home training which will provide you with practical solutions for your dog’s troublesome behavior. By working training into your daily routine, we’ll make sure that this is a pleasurable part of your day rather than a chore that makes you grow even more distant from your pet.

In-home dog training schedule is very flexible and we would be happy to adapt to find a convenient time to meet. For instance, if weekly sessions work, we’ll set aside time to meet in your home or if we are adding distractions to reach the next level of training, we would be more than happy to meet at a publice place like a park.

What Are Some Benefits of In-Home Dog Training?

At Laughing Dog Inn, we believe that this is the best possible type of training for your dog. The in-home training format has given our clients excellent results. The environment in which dogs feel most comfortable is their own home so it gives owners a chance to teach their pets while their pets are at ease. In this environment, dogs are much more focused and eager to learn, making the training process much quicker and easier.

However, we are also aware that in-home training is only part of the picture. If your dog is well-behaved at home but misbehaves on a regular basis when outdoors, this can be very frustrating and problematic both for you and your dog. As a result, we offer distraction training outside the home as well. Once your dog has learned the basics in your home, it is time to introduce distractions in order to train them to build focus. During this type of training, your dog will gain the necessary skills to behave well in any environment.

Types of Dog Training at Home

Do you think that your dog would benefit from one of our in-home dog training programs? If so, take a look at the different programs we have on offer at Laughing Dog Inn:

  • Day Training

Day training is an excellent option if you have very little time to train your dog yourself. During this program, our trainer will come to your home a few times a week to train your dog, even when you are at work. Our dog trainer has the experience needed to make sure that your dog has gained the necessary behavioral skills within a few weeks. She will then set up a session to teach you how to reinforce the new behaviors learned.

  • Coaching/Private training

Coaching is another option and it consists of personalized attention which is customized to your dog’s needs. Whether your dog is having a problem at the park or at home, we would be happy to meet you wherever necessary to work on your dog’s skills.

If you are interested in finding out more about our different in-home and boarding arrangements, feel free to get in touch with someone from the Laughing Dog Inn team at your convenience. Whether your dog has minor behavioral problems or major deep-seated issues, we would be happy to help. For a free consultation about your dog’s specific problems and potential ways that we can help in addressing them in your home environment, feel free to contact us today at 805-586-4390!